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A single place were you can search, explore and download hundreds of high quality scripts.
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THE script database
Scouring the internet or serendipitously finding gists is no way to get your work done.
Mighty search
Somebody probably already did the heavy lifting for you, now it's only a search away.
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All the scripts are tested and improved to make sure they deliver on what they are supposed to do.
You are not sure what you are looking for? Just browse around and you might find a hidden pearl.
You are not paying for the code, you are paying to make sure you get the best.
Let's change the status-quo
I'm Oscar, an Indie Hacker. Like most devs, I have wasted hours and hours creating one-time scripts and yet it never gets easier. It's time consuming and sometimes frustrating.

Sometimes I stumble upon somebody's script that solves my problem and I wish I would have found it earlier and saved myself the trouble.

So I decided to solve the problem and create a dedicated tool to solve this visibility issue.